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Th-th-this beat is hypnotic
I wanna ride like a shofa
The sound of zonic's
Controlling me just like a rova
I go bionic, so d-d-dj put it on
I'm losing logic and cruising deeper in the zone

It's so cinematic

G-got me froze up

This psychopathic
Beat is something

I need a dose of
I'm systematic
Mo-moving every single bone
There's no mechanic
That can't understand what i'm on

Let's crank me up (crank me up)
Until the walls cave in
Crank me up (crank me up)
Put the record on spin
Cause i am ready to party
Gonna get my girls and get naughty
Crank me up (crank me up)
Until the walls cave in
Just crank me up

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