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I say it's over,
You say it's over,
I say i'm leaving,
You say well leave then

(pre chorus)
And we go our separate ways,
Can't find the strength to stay
And we leave strong and travel down a road so long
In outer space, we fly away
Until the day, we're standing face to face
And it's like

Crash, boom, i fall in love with you
Can't remember why i ever lost faith in you
Until we feel the crash boom
Disaster has struck our world
Then we finally we see
We were meant to be
We're going in circles, going in circles

I say you're selfish
You say i'm helpless
I say it's over
You show me the door



We can't keep going through this
We gave it our best try
No games, no lies, no bullshit
We must apologize
I know that in the end
Our love will never die
We gotta stop going in circles
And walk the straight line, ooh


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