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Moulin Rose

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When it started it was a simple dance
According to the beating we moved hand in hand
I dont know how, but it happened fast
When you came inside everything gone mad

I know your kind but i wont resist
You have the beauty what i wanna feel
I know you wanna play, but how does it feel?
When you are the victim, and im ready to kill

Im on fire, i wont think twice
I want you to crash into me now!

Come on!
Lock the door behind us, i want you alone
Just turn off the lights, press your lips on mine
Come on!
Scorch me with the fire that burns in you
Youre takin' me high, i can't stop

I won't let you down, i promise you
Let the fever suffocate you
I won't let you down

I won't let you down, i promise you
Let me burn you inside of you
I won't let you down

Dont stop

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