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Soldiers Of A Wrong War

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Oh no, i'd never thought
That i could find you
Home alone so tell me
All your secrets 'cause
I won't be saved
I know that there are things
That you don't want to say
But babe i won't stay here forever

Tell me if you think
That you got everything you need
That all the lies you're used to hide
Will make you swear another night
But i don't wanna be like you
There'e nothing left to believe
And i don't wanna learn from you
The way you're keeping your secrets

There's no way out i can't resist
Here with the pressure inside me
You're hangin' on but it's your tongue
That makes you look like you're lying
It's cold this night
I can't see the fire where we burned inside
So say goodbye
'cause babe i'm leaving you forever

What are you waiting for?
I0m stating at the door
So would you say goodbye?
'cause babe i'm leaving you forever

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