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Date de parution : 14/06/2013

Durée : 0:04:27

Style : Heavy Metal

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(music: hast & charon, lyrics: leppluoto)

You are the saviour without a saviours crown
Till night is falling it brings you down to sigh
I adore your blessing there is no much to say
I`ll be come your reason to feed the flame inside our hearts

You`re all desire, you`re all desire i haunt
Beat my heart, beat my heart to dry

Craving, haunting the ceased devotion
She`s the one for me, the cross i beg to see the path
When i don`t want to stay

You are the reason to wipe my past away
Till night is falling i need no longer to breath

I don`t need to care
I don`t feel like cared
I don`t need to brath cause i know what is
Best for me

Craving, haunting the ceased devotion...

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