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Into another head
Stand up
Take a look around - tell me what you see
Crawl into another head
Now, when i was a baby
I just couldn't understand
Why everybody didn't think like i did
And it messed with my head
It took me years to overcome it
But i finally did
When i took a little trip in someone else's head
Now, everybody tells me that i gotta have a worldview
Well i listen very carefully
But i don't always know what to do
There's a lot of bogus causes
Phony ideologies
But if you pick yourself the right one
You can set your spirit free
Now, i am on the right side maybe
You are on the left side
And we're looking at the same thing
But we're looking at it differently
I guess i'm talking about perspective
But it's different from that
If you can walk around
With someone else's brain under your hat
It's a very simple reason
And a lot of people learn it
But a lot of people close their minds
To certain information
They are trying to avoid
Any unwanted stimulation
That might make them reevaluate the values that they live by

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