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Nikki Webster

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Verse 1
Hey, come here next to me,
Come and talk to me
You'll see,
I'm the girl in your dreams.
You, are all i'm lookin' for,
Let's walk down to the shore
And play,
Just enjoy a sunny day.

I don't care where you wanna go i will follow,
There's one thing that you oughta know.

Cause i'm thinking about you baby all the time
I've gotta give in to what i feel inside,
24/7 you were on my mind
I'm crazy bout' your smile.
Don't know if you know but you make me weak
There's something about the way you look at me
My body is shakin' and i can't break free
I'm crazy about your smile.

Verse 2
Oh, when i look at you
There's nothing i can do
Oh no,
I just seem to lose control
Hey, it's all there in your eyes
You've got me hypnotized
Alright, i've gotta give it up this time.



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