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Rhythm Train

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Date de parution : 01/01/2006

Durée : 0:01:58

Style : Country

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Melody: urs odermatt
Words: urs odermatt

Hey baby, you make me crazy,
You stole my heart tonight
Come on sugar now can't you see
Your sweet smile put a spell on me
Rockin' and rollin' turn around
Move your body to our sound
Stop real soon i'll hold you tight'

Hey baby, you make me crazy
Your eyes they shine so bright
Your long brown hair i like to feel
Is this a dream, or is this real'
I can't wait 'till we're alone
Say you'll stay, please don't go
You're kisses feels so right

Hey baby, you make me crazy
This night is for you and me
Jump on my bike, we'll ride all night
The moon is shining, clear and bright
Speed up baby we're cruisin' fast
I think i've found my love at last
This night, my baby, is for you and me..

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