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Cowboy Mouth

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Date de parution : 22/09/1998

Durée : 0:02:57

Style : Rock

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Mardi gras lights up the city
Winter rain is comin down
Never seen anyone look as lovely
As you do right now

Hear the marching bands behind us
See the bright lights up ahead
There is nowhere in the world i know i'd
Rather be instead

Cuz i'm crazy bout ya crazy bout ya
Crazy bout the way you do
Crazy bout ya crazy bout ya
If you're stealing the world then steal me too
If you're stealing my heart then steal me too

Lord i wish i'd been a painter
Draping colors from the sky
Bathing your shoulders in iridescence
Wrapped around your sigh.

How i long to hear your laughter
How i long to see you smile
Painting your soul in the ever after
For a little while


What does this mask you're wearing mean to me?
It's funny, that's what you pretend to be,
It's real to me.

Drops of rain cascading gently
Splashing off your laughing eyes
People may come and go but the truly
Great moments survive


If you're looking for love there's no other... ohhh...

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