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Guy: have you ever met somebody that will love you like i do? im going crazy, crazy for you.
Girl: and have you ever known somebody that would give it all for you, im going crazy, crazy for you.

Verse 1:
Ive always been by myself, lived life by myself, never cared for solitude, just cared for the wealth. steady stackin', never slackin', with no time to be wastin, while these other dudes chasin' broads, i was chasin' that paper, but then (but then) came you (came you), and it was over baby, i was going crazy or you, and i aint felt this way in a minute i aint gonna lie to you ma, im startin to dig it, for real.

Bridge 1:
Guy:everything about you is what i like about you. i go crazy and i lose my mind, id trade my world and id give my life...
Girl:'cause it feels so right.


Verse 2:
And everyday you make it clear, that you dont wanna be replaced, just by the little things you do, just by the little things you say. five years done past, and we done went through some drama, from court dates to miscarriages to you losing your mama, but now (but now) i see (i see) that your my one and only baby, oh im going crazy, i cant eat (i cant eat) i cant sleep (i cant sleep) no more, no more. its like i toss and turn at night, memories ease my pain, i keep hearin you laughin, screamin, calling my name. but then my eyes open wide, and i see you aint there, then the joy from the music turns a permanet tear, of ink.


Bridge 2:
My only sanity in these walls, is just the thought of you, paradise up in my mind, just for a second or two. but then its gone, and i gotta go to, because ive changed my ways ma, im comin home to you, for real.


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