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Its inerdible miss nana im back in the buildin in bout 2 turn it up dad ii feel like im on my best rite now and i got the kids with me .....she unit...
Here nana come rumoru has it she aint the 1
Ima rep for newark, newarkilly, she-unit and question mark
(dad! ---- a mill. grand in 1 day)
Miss nana known to spit the heat for yall
The female ai yea she can ball(she can ball)
3 point range
We score thangs
Try to guard the net like kevin hit the backboard bannnggggggg
Gotta game to win, me and beyonce
Pardon me jay gotta borrow your fiance
Dribble it down with 1 hand might be crazy
Pass it to "b", so she could score tracy like mcgrady
Me and my she-unit girl troops
Is ready to go one on one with sheryl swoopes
This girl souped
I'm ready for the big league
Paul couldn't pierce my skillz even with his speed
This be the flow of the century
High school? nah they drafted me from elementary
Was up in da class with steve nash
Ready to annoint yall
Imma kid like jason so i know you get the point guard

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