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Date de parution : 09/07/2013

Durée : 0:03:51

Style : Pop

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Why am i feeling? this is a crazy law
You can have many looks, even how you're born
Why am i feeling, this is a crazy law
I'm not trying to show you something wrong

My fencing i'm wish my rating for undying kiss
First of all i like you
Look at me don't miss x2

Show me what you can do,
How can do it
Who can do this with you x3

The charming deadly shapes
Of your dance babe

Why are you dancing boring and so slow?
Do you feel the tempting bass of this song?
Why are you dancing boring and so slow?
Give hot law on this moves up up at all




Of your dance babex2

I know sometimes behind my back
You want to change your image and take me of the neck
If you're a monster of flesh
My dance body gonna make you to change
Justify your dreams and dance

Keep your dreams
Keep your plans
All of this things
You have is nice

The crazy beast it's now with us
Your body disappears don't come up
Look around a lot of noise
Never gonna lose your voice

Change your dance it's not too late
Use your chance don't make it bad
Shake sexy rolls use it in the dance
All too long give me more and more

Show me what you can do
All to long x2

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