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They call me the crazy lemon
I'm, for a while
I can't help what they think
I was born that way.
I'll be a little crazy till my dyin' day.
Just a man on the run they call the crazy lemon.

It's true that i stole a budweiser truck.
I changed my mind, but the truck got stuck
In a muddy ditch so i hitched it back again
The second car that passed had a cherry on top.
Just my luck it was first to stop.
They said with a grin, looky here it's the crazy lemon.


Yeah, i admit that i run a little illegal cargo
From the border and the coast, north to fargo.
I was busted with a truck load of juarez violins.
Seems everything that i tried to sell
Just bought me a room in some iron hotel.
Things were looking grim for the crazy lemon.


It's true that i jumped a little bit of bail
From a handful of city and county jails.
Seeking out a spiritual hideout with a friend of mine.
Is easy to hide from a 6 ft. cell.
No use tryin' to hide yourself.
So play another hymn for the crazy lemon.


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