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Bliss 66

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I rememeber those crazy nights
Too much to drink, and too many fights
Outside in the pouring rain
On my knees screaming out your name
And i remember like yesterday
All the game i knew you'd play
Lying naked in the cold
I believe the lies you told

And i wonder why
You never said goodnight

I want to let you know
I wanna let you go
Well i guess it's gotta be
I wanna let you know
I'm going to let you go
Well i guess it's gotta be that way
That way

I remember those crazy nights
When i was wrong you and were right
Lying naked in the cold
I believed the lies you told
Now im watching the pouring rain
I think of you and know my pain

Now you wonder why
I never said goodnight


So put my life into extreme
Cause i've been living in a dream
I was blind but now i see
This is the way it's gotta be, yeah


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