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Verse1:i let this fine man into my home, and the begining i knew it was, between the sheets it was on like chrome, gave him the keys to my humble home, now here's the thing about leaving him home alone, one day i caught him flirting with my mom, and when i stepped to him he grabbed the gun, so there's no way that we can have a son, because he's
Chorus:crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, i never knew you were insane
Repeat 2*
Verse2:every time that i run away, you abuse me the next day, my momma know you abusive too, she tried to call the fbi on you, my grandma told me not to have sex with you, and you went and abused her too, i wished i had never met you, cause you so crazy, and now i am scared to be alone with you, i swear to god i'll never cheat on you, it's not a game how you slash my draws, a peaceful day i have never saw, and i know the cause, you paranoid that i a quitter, saw me with my brother and you hit him, thought i was cheating now you realize, you better run for your fucking life, because you,
Repeat chorus+ adlibs

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