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Maybe i'm a-ramblin'
'n' my words're jus' a-gamblin'
My feet keep th' rythm of th' beat
On this empty street
Who shall i meet?
Who shall i greet?
Wastin' in this lonely room
You're as guilty
It's my tomb
If my words're jus' a chance
Then, what's left t'do...
But dance?
So, my feet move with th' drum
I'm fed only by a crumb
I break th' silence with a stone
I'm a king on a pointless throne
I learn'd th' things that were t'be known
For all th' days that i have grown
Wear my mask of comedy
Maybe it's my remedy
Weave a basket for th' sun
Put a cork in your fiery gun!
'n' one day
We shall fly
'n' one day
We shall die
'n' fly again
'n' die again
Then i'll go t'heaven
If i'm let in
It's not my choice
I'm judged by my vioce
'n' one day
This crazy world'll make some sense

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