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Smack you with swollen knuckles,call it apocafist
Break your skull with broken bottles, cause you can't rock with this
Im going calm with rap,call me a calm rapper
Im rapping calm,no worries im on my moms ladder
I'll be looking down at you,youll be looking up
Take weed still can't get high enough,but you claim your tough
You aint no earth bender, you can't even move rocks
I be doing earth downs, you be doing press up
I know this don't make sense, but you'd understand
Your one of them guys to fry eggs without a frying
Lie in sand better go watch lion king
Also pray to god before i kill you so you dont die in sin
Cause im scar ,im a murderous beast
Take you to a graveyard and then bury you deep
Im a ghost,yes a ghost, your vermin with speech
But im about to transform you to a perfect elite

Im starting to turn crazy
Becoming lethal to those who made me
I need to be fed daily
The bloods of rapper, only thing that saves me.(x2)

Verse 2
I have a lyrical horde,that will attack your lyrics
Why am i spiritual for? so your soul i can finish
Its really cunning cause your battling night
I dont make sense, i might aswell be speaking gibberish
In my bedroom, in my backyard, so better stop
Before you kill yourself using a letter box.

Can you handle me? can you handle the greatness?
I know you can't,your down on my wishlist
No room for an incompetent human being
Ill show you true fear,more real than any you have seen
These are the last bars
That i spit in a black cars
Dont shoot for the stars, you cant aim that for
Goodbye your welcome to


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