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Verse 1:

I love this mic with everything i possess in my soul
But some times i feel like i really need to let it go
Let go why nigga cause my life is fucked up
But aint you the hottest rapper yeah but its fucked up
Every broad i fall in love with gotta leave me
All the niggas making money with me are so decieving
But aint yawl niggas cheezing still thats not a reason
For niggas to play the game so its hard to believe them
Plus this rap game just keep a nigga stressing
Now im down south to get away from out west man
After what i went through i felt it was the best man
Whats crazy about life is you keep getting tested
If it aint your kids then its they damn mommaz
Or its the homies and all our damn problems
We feel like money is the best way to solve them
But the shit keep coming no matter how much you dodge em

Verse 2:

Now im a west coast nigga from my head to my toe
When it came to gang bangin homie i just said no
Plus i wonna end up on my death bed slow
And i watch a few of my best friends go
Kept my name out they mouth while we all made cheeze
You know i got a few cards hidden up my sleeve
Nation wide status on my one man team
Cant be mad i stayed chasing my dream
They say im in denial cause im living like a g
I dont growl i dont bark just bite with sharp teeth
Had to learn the hard way a lot of sharks in the sea
Call me a dolphin cause they not as smart as me
I keep my ear to the ground and im always on the low
Got a broad on my side with me everywhere i go
Homies acting funny for a little bit of dough
But once a woman grab a hold she never letting go

Verse 3:

How you tell your kids in your heart they mean the world
Everytime they look up you with another girl
Explain it how you want theyll never understand
Cause in your daughters eyes you still her mommaz man
What really broke me down is how i cried to my son
Let him know im creeping i aint lying to my son
The same damn reason i keep trying for my son
Damn i need to spend more time with my son
It takes everything i got just to keep my head up
When i think i caught my break it just sped up
Aint life a bitch you aint said nothing
Whats funny is im still off in the bed fucking
Just strap a little tighter right before i get to stroking
And i aint even trippin if her heart gets broken
You know the homie keep that bombay smoking
So slide me a swisher so wecan get to choking

Gotta get my mind right
Gotta keep my money tight
Gotta get my love life right
But this game is so crazy
Its got me going crazy

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