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Can't talk about the money no more - it ain't comin in
Label's don't give it up, i think they're republican
They blame it on the downloadin
But on the down low i think they're goin down with their mouths open
"yes homo", the best promo goes to the brown nosers
Well i refuse to take part in that
Hip hop's dead, my ma's about to have a cardiac
My little sister's runnin 'round screamin "where the party at?"
And she don't even know where the party at--
Down on k street putting money through the laundromat
Nah i can't say that--no politics
Even with obama in, still got a lotta ish
That we ain't doin nothing bout--i ain't on the frontline
I bought a vote or die shirt one time,
I wrote a couple george bush punchlines.
But i apologize--i'm such a hypocrite
We ain't picketin'
They do it for us
We're getting fat eatin threat level oranges
But my point is i'm tryin to stop frontin
On my seinfeld shh, so we talk about nothing

I'm goin crazy
Tryin to figure out what to say
When nothing's ok
I think we've all gone crazy
Save me
Before we all start to sound the same
Before we all start to play the game
Where everybody knows:
You can't say that,
Can't talk about that,
So we talk about nothing

Can't talk about cars with these gas prices
No songs about cars: that's a rap crisis
If you say you can't afford it, lose your rap license
And picture me writing a song about a black hybrid
I am so sick of people sayin that they're goin green
Sounds like a bunch of people saying "notice me!"
Ok i notice you, you got my respect--
Drive around in a prius and fly a private jet?
Well i guess it's all a ruse, huh?

Ya'll got me wantin to increase my pollution
Here the truth comes:
Know what they say about a big carbon footprint--
Huge junk.
Yeah i know it sounds screwed up
But you can say anything if it's screwed up
I do me i ain't doin what the group does
I see the bridge,
You jump
Ma your baby just grew up
I don't even eat no more, i do lunch
One thing i ain't doin that's frontin
On my seinfeld shhhh, so we talk about nothing

I'm goin crazy...

I can't talk about my problems no more we all got'em now
Main street's suffering, wall street's bottomed out
They blame it on the dow jones
We don't care who to blame we're getting kicked out of our households
Basically, we're drowning with our mouths open
And they're telling us to keep our mouths shut
My account's frozen, but we ain't mad at our luck
As long as no one on the corner got swagger like us
But, gotta watch what we say they could be listening
(like who?) the cia is on a mission and
(who else?) kids these days, they're so inquisitive
(so what?) so for a while we were whisperin
Like wait til you see my shhhhh
But all of that sounds like shhhh
We had enough of that
They wanna dissect the lines like a running back--
Well is it any wonder that i'm goin crazy?

I'm goin crazy...