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Dream Child

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All your dreams,
Are falling to pieces,
So much to give,
But so little to achieve,
All of the warnings,
Can't you see the signs ?
Taking part of a game,
Playing it without shame.
Can't you feel the pain,
That is facing your mirror ?
All of the madness,
Swirls in your eyes...
But if you create a new world,
Free you'll fly as the wind.
There is no sense keeping life

A distant thunder
You'll be his lightning
Your high potential,
Don't let it die, oh no...
Please never give up,
Stop hearing their lies.

Now you're creating a new world,
Free you fly as the wind,
There was a sense keeping life strong...

Live for what you believe...
Don't hear what they say.
Conquer your rights,
Turn the page on the past.

There's nothing unconcievable for you.
Believe in your life,
Say what you have to say.
Your dreams will grow fast
In beautiful reality.
There's nothing unconcievable for you.

Like a midnight star,
Night by night,
You will be brighter,
As strong as the sun

There'll be times they put you down,
There'll be times no one's around,
But one thing you got to know:
If the soul survives,
No chains will bound you again...

(chorus two times)

You will survive too,
You will come back too,
And i'll be there too,

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