Paroles de Creation

Heath Hollensbe

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Date de parution : 17/02/2012

Durée : 0:03:56

Style : Rock

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Timeless king
Over a formless earth

At your command
Light began
And you saw it was good

And with every word you gave
Each molecule obeyed
The same is true today

Sole creator
Of all of nature
You made all things good

The next six days you were the mastermind
Of life and beauty of every kind
And you were pleased with what you made
The sum of your beauty on display

Just before you stopped to rest
You created man in excellence
And in your image, we were made

You breathed your breath and gave us life
And seeing good, we're satisfied
Cause you made all things beautiful

And still all things obey
And live within your mandates
Everything yields to your command

From every single star
To every hardened heart
You have not lost control

From the simple things that children recognize
To the mysteries that confound bright minds
Of all the things things that are still to be uncovered
And the many things that will never be discovered

You're the brilliant imagination
That authored all of creation
God of all creativity
Forever absorbing the glory

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