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Fire & Flesh

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Date de parution : 11/03/2014

Durée : 0:03:32

Style : Heavy Metal

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I watched you die as you left this world behind
Free from this filthy grave, free from this world of pain
What do you feel, when your last breath is real?

Creature of the night
Your beauty humbles my existence
I felt the pain inside...
As i looked into your eyes
Death consumed them as they glistened
A reminder, this is all we are...

Just flesh and bone
This is who we are...
Just shackled bones...
Called to the unknown
Forced to walk this path, with no way to turn back.
There's no second chance....

Born into a world, a fallen world of our ancient fathers
Your innocence is as pure as the air that escapes your lungs final breath tonight.
It's poetic
Like the glow of a midnight moon
Agony, but i am here!
Suffering, but beast, i am near!

I watched as the life escaped you
Like shadows exposed to the light
I watched as your death awakened angels in the sky!

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