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Calibretto 13

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Date de parution : 15/04/2008

Durée : 0:05:26

Style : Christian & Gospel

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Don't you got better things to do
Than spread your gossip and speak what's untrue?
You go to church, see through your haughty eyes,
Go to your friends, and tell all your lies.
Go on over to your stupid social clique.
You religious hypocrites make me so sick.
You without sin, go ahead cast the first stone.
I didn't think so, so why don't you just go home.
You claim to be a leader.
You claim to make a stand.
But when your brother's fallen,
You won't even give a hand.
You claim to be so holy.
You claim to be so strong.
But behind your charade
I know your motives are so wrong.
It don't mean a thing 'cause talk is cheap.
Your actions count, but your words you can't keep.
You think you're so righteous,
But i think you're a creep.
You're the kind of person
Who looks at others' sin.
And then spreads the word,
Forgetting your own within.
You go to church to see what's in the news,
So you can gossip, so you can lie,
So you can confuse.
See your brothers falling down all the time.
Instead of showing mercy you convict them of a crime.
You like to watch them as they fall on down.
Instead of helping them you push them to the ground.
You'll never be a leader.
You'll never make a stand.
Until you change your ways
My god will not hold out his hand
You claim to be so close to god.
Behind the mask motives are wrong.

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