Paroles de Creeper of my heart

Miley Cyrus

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Miley: we've been through so so much, no matter
What we do we'll always be friends
Mitchel: ever since we met each other it hasn't been the same, oh and that feeling will never

Both (chorus): you make me get goosebumps on my arms, you make my heart jump up and down, your the creeper, your the creeper of my heart

Mitchel: finally we can stop pretending, because
This feeling won't go away no no
Miley: finally we can go out and not worry about the press and the paparazzi yeah yeah

Both (repeat chorus)

Miley: boy look what you've done to me
Mitchel: girl you've done all of that to me

Both: oh your the best, the best, the best oh yeah oh and here's how the story goes

Miley: (repeat chorus) oo boy

Mitchel: (repeat chorus) hey girl

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