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His mom coming to the dorm asher?
Have her bring me somthin
Have her bring me somthin in something sexy

Yeah! wooooweee!
Oh man you got me
You got my back against the wall
What am i gunna do

Uh ohh

Somebodys talking in subliminal shit,with minimal whit
When will he get off eminems dick? give him his hit
Saw him on youtube in a room full of dudes barefoot
No women its feminine shit. now whos the never been
Im better than youve ever been bitch! if ones things evident
Its when i spit i never been bitch. but your too pussy to say
My name you would be, play footsie with scooter, begging
Kid cuddy to do a hook. stop the bumming for music
Look fucker set up, i sit back didnt want to listen to your
Shit to diss back. i mean we lose to this elf i lose to my self
How could he have me cornered, i got the room to my self
We all know that but you let scooter put a batteries in your
Hallow back like you work in a volvo plant, so either a keep
Away take over a week to play cuz beef this way will leave your
Face super ugly when the ether spray, meet the greeter at the
Pearly gates. verbally put you in the hearse at 4:38. i am taking
You to an early grave. your fam will herl for days, we ripped
Ems voice from your throat, and gave you auto tune, put you
In a world of pain, been a lot harder kid, ive been spittin shit
Not thought of yet. you just got your hip hop starter kit.
Retire with the spit shit, cuz if em hadnt been tired for a quick
Bit then youd be van wilders assistant. man some swear they
Made it and their barley famous. better curd your enthusiasm
For you play your self like larry david, here lies asher whos
Features label barely paid it and already their making funeral
And wake arrangements. rest in pieces whos flesh peaced it
Its best to please us, or just be decent, so rest in piece kid and
Rest with jesus, rest in piece kid. haha yeah mr. slight chance
To blow or the white rapper show, figured fuckit, ill just bite
Mathers flow, who has to know? prob is that your souls that
Of a white casper ghost. figured it fuck it again and close
Pinned half his nose. quincident his voice is like a twin or
Is he biting slim? hmm im running with the ladder like a fireman,
Maybe i shouldnt be battling woody allen. but maybe if he stopped
Talking like this all day there could be talent, what? cat got your tongue?
I see this pussy frownin, your features would be frownin if you werent
Throwin them thousands. drama co-signed but its not cuz how hot he
Rhymes, its cuz he sees possible dollar signs from the college kind. the
Whole globe can look, life is like a open book. i have you on my blog daily
Stressed smoking kush, caps on, irrational pantin, while i blog on hip
Hop dx all caps off like the national anthem. huh? this isnt even back
And forth, this is i threw it you once and you cast was off, fucker
Asher roth, spread ether on his ass, too pussy to set it off like my
Teeth were on the gas and plus your queefin on the pad, leakin
Bleedin to your dad for ems tape while you menstruate bleedin
On the rag take this beating like a man. get defeated like a stan
Im chris brown a wife beat, the rihanna throwin keys threw his
Lamborghini when hes mad. never even went to parties hes deceiving
All his fans, if he did he sat in the corner and sipped seagrams like
A fag. see the thinking im mad but the reasons im even speakin
On this fag is for 20 minutes its free was in the trash, ask steevie
If hes mad for signing a mormon. lookin like he survied a abortion
Here he lies in his coffin for toe taggin himself asher put his own
Nail in his coffin like he was gagging himself.