Paroles de Crescendo

The Professionals

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Date de parution : 03/03/2003

Durée : 0:04:06

Style : Rock

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Keep on moving between the lines
Keep on walking time after time
Don't nothing get to you to make you want to scream?
If you won't try, that's fine, cause you won't hear a thing

Whoa ohh, whoa ohh
I want to hear a crescendo

On the tourists, you can hear the voices
What goes on the road, it's really noises
You need a five star holiday on the coast of spain
I need five thousand voices again, and again
Again, and again

Whoa ohh, whoa ohh
I want to hear a crescendo


I saw you out there the other night
So much silence, it gave me a fright
You look so lost and trapped surrounded on those sides
I just had to laugh; i really wanted to die

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