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Jaden Smith

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Life is slow motion
And im' swimming in the ocean
When i'm next to you
If im not with you then i'm texting you
I miss you
Its like sparks when i kiss you, girl
Whats the issue?
We're fighting again, in the studio
I'm writing again
Make it rain, cause it's lightning again
Video doing lightning again,(geeze)
Breaking up, i was frightened again
Get in trouble, i was lying again
I don't really know where the ground is
And i don't really know what a noun is
Cause i don't go to school and i'm hanging with some foolish kids
That be chillin' at the movies, i
Never really truly met you
I'm romeo, you'll be my juliet, do
Look so good in the dress you wore, you looks so cute in those glasses
You said i look good in that vest that i wore, tell me when you get out of your classes
Seeing you around, and all my friends tell me that you go to calabasas, hi
And i stare up in your eyes and i don't know why, i stare longer than your lashes, i
Think, i could write a couple songs cause this stuff is straight out of a movie
I could get lost in the music, but baby please don't lose me
Bring, bring the thunder
And the loud, loud rain
(please, please don't lose me)
Lead our walls asunder
'neath the proud, proud veins
(please, please don't lose me)
Of traits that bleed the gunmen
Of our pumping, earthly hearts
(please, please don't lose me)
Ween our joys in plunder
Feel our shining teeth
Bet our hold on happiness
(please, please don't lose me)
Girl hold me when you can
Cause this love is not as strong as it was
Youre making a fuss over nothing
And you know it stays right in my trust
I remember you would blush
Now you stay using your blush
Just because we keeping us on a hush
Girl there's no reason to rush
Just forget it, you did it, your love is so acidic, your'e gon' have to put in your clinic
And it burns when we keep taking these turns
Had a few concerns for a minute you be tripping
Don't understand why you keep changing your plans
White socks, but you not rocking no vans
Put on my hand, and you still don't wanna dance
And you not playing my jams
I put my foot up on the break, girl we made mistakes, we should probably take a break
All the songs i make are just only for your fate
And you stay playing your drake, i don't think i'll take this
No more, you bore me... wake up in the morning
And i need a new story
9 o clock date and i showed up tardy
And i'm hardly
The same kid from last october
Misfit solider
Gotta little older, gotta little colder
For the better, whateer
People say i'm clever
So i hope a few endeavors
Hope we're not together just so we can feel this pleasure
And our hearts you couldn't sever
And i hope you know i love you forever
Please, please don't lose me
Please, please don't lose me...

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