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Brian matthew: the next few minutes, we're in the lap of the gods and the hands of the beatles. in my young days, when i was a lad, they used to have actors in films and now that they--
Paul: yes?
John: hey! listen!
Paul: it's all changed, now, brian. they're not doing that, no actors.
John: it's all changed, now.
Brian: but this is what i wonder. in those days, the actors used to say their best bits were left on the cutting room floor. did you find that?
John: no, no, no, those were the good bits in the film. you should have seen the rest.
Brian: yes?
John: rubbish!
Brian: was it, really?
John: even worse, yes.
Brian: who was worst?
John: oh, paul.
Brian: i see.
Paul: i think john was about the worst.
John: no, it was you.
Paul: oh, ringo was very good. he was. he's a good lad.
Brian: he was. they're saying he's a new charlie chaplin. do you think that's right?
John: he was miming.
Paul: you, too, with jason.
John: oh, yes, he's an old one. okay, ring?
Brian: beginning to look like that. now, then--
Ringo: all right, john. can you hear me?
Paul: can you hear him? hello!
Brian: not really. i hope not. i hope not!
John: we brought you the flowers, ring.
Brian: he's not allowed to talk.
Ringo: eh?
John: we brought you the flowers.
Ringo: oh, good.
John: and the grapes.
Ringo: oh, i like grapes.
Paul: he likes grapes.
George: we've been to portugal.
Brian: guess who's, guess who's top of the pops in portugal, then.
All: who?
Brian: los beatles.
John: los beatles? great, great laugh.
Brian: i don't suppose you know the title of your film in portuguese?
John: no. crinsk dee night?
Brian: could be. let's hear the number, shall we?
John: right.

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