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Date de parution : 04/01/2008

Durée : 0:03:11

Style : Alternative

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You know my mind is twisted i'm struggling for control
A discrepant identity but fused into a whole
An hour one half takes hold of me the other it is gone
And suddenly i'm turning crazed i'm an incalculable man

Wrong or right?
Black or white?
You see..
I lost my identity
I'm getting schizophrenic
I lost my identity

Two voices ride me over but both are part of me
I dance in daydreams on the verge of my insanity
Inside i'm getting nervous around me i cast a glance
And have to watch my limbs behave as the dominant one wants

Strong or weak?
Sane or sick?

My changeable behavior withdraws from my control
A discrepant identity but fused into a whole
I'm running round in circles i'm trapped within my mind
Each time it rises in my gut i try to oppress it but i can't

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