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Date de parution : 02/09/2008

Durée : 0:03:15

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Son of a bitch, jason wants to slit his wrists
But i'll tell you like this, should'nt take the risk
Knowin the consequences well

The suicidal suckers end up in hell
Some rather be dead then living in sin
'cause the planet is fucked up and misled
By fools like you
Runnin round tellin mother fuckers what they can and cant do
Butterflys in my stomach
Make me wanna vomit 'cause i know doomsday is coming
Jasons facin life or death, it's do or die

And as he take a deep breath he wonders who will cry
The only one who really cares is you and i

But your the only one who really knew why
Lifes a bitch from beginning to end and then you die
Living the life of sin and why

I can see it in your eyes i'm not suprised
As you cross your heart and hope to die

Living your life on the edge of panic

But still you manic
'cause you was born a schizophrenic
Never knew life was a bitch, but it is so hard
I'm living low in the graveyard
Take a trip to another side another place
Lying in a casket wit a dead mans face
Who gives a fuck about you, nobody but you

But i didn't have to tell you take 'cause thats something you already knew
Just like a razor to the wrist i'm a cut you quick
Last dying words is i'm a son of a bitch

Son of a gun and ive just begun to bleed
As i scream jesus christ and fall to my knees
And as everyone cries they wonder why
I cross my heart and hope to die

My rhyme is a nine to the forehead
And once you push play you'll pull the trigga and now your dead
A suicidal homicidal homicidal suicidal recital
Is what i recite when i'm on the mic
At midnight i'll smother you like crib death
And find my record spinning
You'll never no i was grinnin when i did that
This is the u-n-h-o-l-y

Deadly, like pesticide
So just step aside

Once i knew a little girl was playin my tape on sunday

They found her in some headphones dead on monday
Hanging from a chandelier the only thing to fear is fear
When you get them butterflies you know the unholy is near
Some disappear and never be found
Some are smothered by the rhythm and then drown

And when i blow your mind your wont know why
You'll soon cross your heart and hope to die

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