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Bellamy Brothers

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Sleep some nights it just don't show
When you've pushed and life won't go
Your dreams get lost and your sorrows grow
You read and try to watch t.v. take a drive out to the sea
You might break down but you can't break free.
Standin' in the crossfire
Hangin' from a live wire.
Reachin' for a lost smile and hidin' in the wind.
Standin' in the crossfire
Stranded on a high wire
Runnin' for a reason
Lookin' for a friend.
Dream your eyes are almost blind
They photograph your mind
And leave a trace of her love in time.
You live the smokey past
Try to break the spell she cast.
You start out first but you end up last.
Standin' in the crossfire
Hangin' from a live wire . . .

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