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Vermin & The Beachrat

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Son, grab your keys, head on down to magilicudys
Pick up this list at ellies store, and dont forget my 2x4s
This job that i gots been kickin my ass , i gave ya couple a bucks for gas
Now dont be stopping along the way, ive really gotta get this done today

So i rolled up to the front of the store
Just as i went to open the door..
Hello bombshell, - do tell, - man your lookin mighty swell gotta be - treadin the line
With your pants hung low,the way your panties show gotta be some kinda crime
I looked up into your face ---- forgot why i had come to this place
When your scent went by took me on a high gotta be crossin the line

Son, could you shut the door pick your tongue up off my floor
I got the list here for your old man, - and drop this of boy - if you can
That pretty little girl that set your heart on fire
Left a gallon a paint and some, cuttin pliers
I know its gonna take you outta your way, - her mom called they really need it today

So i walked up to her front door
I saw what i was lookin for.

( repeat chorus)

She jumped into my pick up truck
We drove for hours on nothing but luck
Until we laughed away the day..

Then by the time i got home, my dad was on the phone, son your treadin the line
What have you got to say i just wasted a day gotta be some kinda crime
I bet you gotta whale of a tale to tell all day its been living hell
I know you dont care, whats fair, gotta brain up there- boy your crossin the line

Son, you know what im lookin for where the hell are my 2x4s..

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