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Mandragora Scream

pochette album Crow's love
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Date de parution : 02/10/2003

Durée : 0:06:39

Style : Alternative

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When the sun begins to fade, a blaze of blood embrace between us
Our kisses like a falme reborn, wrigglin', rise, snowin' through death
Ever in our life...gusts of wind break into out cold
Love has never made a choice i realize it facin' two mirrors
Dreamin', bleedin', like a larva thorn
I groan through this blood full night fallin' from my eyes
You never saw how strongly loves a crow while the sun was low...
I hold you close...this passion of beast is a charmin' mournful thing
Night has fallen in deepest forest's shine. it was a time when we fell down
Meetin' you made my life so brave. when i joined you into your grave
I still call and long for you tonight...through the mirror's light
You never tried lyin' by my side
You never know how strongly loves a crow
I hold you close my howlin' flow, ever...
I try to play my best cadence of sounds with melodies
I hope to heal your heart...
Never will you lose. never will you clang my farewell
Standin' i cry waitin' for my...bloody bites,
Never will you lose...never will you try...

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