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Date de parution : 09/11/1999

Durée : 0:05:22

Style : Alternative

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I am commander, i ride the helm
Armored defenders of the realm
I've sworn allegiance to land and king
I've downed rebellions where they may spring

There is not one thing i wouldn't give
My horse, my sword, my right to live
Hail to the throne - the crown of thorns

I am protectorate, law of the land
I rally forces at my command
I am avenger, i rule the night
Holy crusader destined to fight

All subjects here loyal to the land
Are consecrated, blessed by my hand
A power throne - the crown of thorns

I give my life if my liege decrees
There's no reprieve there are no guarantees
Heirs to the throne that i have scorned
I've sacrificed for the crown of thorns
And i'll claim it now

These bloodstained streets announce a new reign
One just as just i've claimed my domain
Escaped victorious by my hand
Fully responsible for this land
I take the princess now as my bride
Bring out the stallions ready to ride
Detractors nailed to the crucifix
Their bodied burned on the river styx
Sent stright to hell

All hail the throne
This is my kingdom
All hail the crown

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