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Really Old Airplanes

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You risked your neck on a half-hearted bet
And lived to regret the night
You sat on your hands all alone with the plans
You had not to rue your life

It's hard not to cry, but hold on
The light in your eye glows on

You lost your mind and you said it was fine
And don't bother losing hope
I lost all of mine when the word had arrived
That you weren't coming home

It's pointless to cry, so hold on
We'll laugh and we'll die
And so on

I'll hurry on and you'll chase after
Mile by the mile you're turning backwards
I wouldn't run but i know i have to
Go where i'll go and not look back dear
I'll never know what was the matter
Not knowing what it was you're after
Too afraid to end up tied to patterns
I'll find love in caves with lanterns
I will always run, you will always not follow
Too afraid to end up lost and lonely
You'll give love and give it only

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