Paroles de Cruelty to animals

Frenzal Rhomb

pochette album Cruelty to animals
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Date de parution : 17/10/2006

Durée : 0:02:17

Style : Alternative

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Plug me in
Don't count me in
Its true not everybody wins
Left in the cold
I'm feeling old
Lowest bidder i am sold
All roads lead to caring only for yourself
So i am told
Is this the day i subscribe to the magazine a hundred k?
Seems everybody's doing it
And aren't we having fun
It's the new craze
It's all the rage
It's not a yo-yo or a maze
It's the new thing that's grabbed
The imagination of everyone
Seems everybody's doing it
And this is how it goes
Buy stuff and sex and drugs and cruelty to animals

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