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Uh ride two miles per hour so everybody get a glimpse of the real nigga
Who inside it
With my cousin g five we highed up clouded
Bitches gettin stoned just from standin' around us
Music turned up but the smoke way louder
Must be amateur night, these motherfucking kids
Think they fucking with us
They fucking stupid
They talking shit just to hear themselves
But i aint worry bout them
I got that lifetime prescription that they...
California prescription sound of exotic
Ridin to the hoe hypnotize my shit
Stayin the.not even tryin bitches
Not even lying nigga,
Smoking ain't really had.
I would put you dime if it was such a climb
But i figure that shit with my team
'cause i came in here with em
.thanks giving word to come.
I ain't switchin.on the mission
And defy.drivin a.
This the victory and be fronting
The club you wanna get in
I ain't even attending this maintain to my engine
See i got too many cause and if you .
Before i must get the chance to get in em
Take em out for a while
Make sure that they're doing fine
More money, more problems this problems i don't mind
Standing outside tryin to pick which one to
Let my bitches aside appreciate my.

You never know homie.

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