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Now and then i feel as though i wanna escape the real
And take a trip to the heavens to a world surreal
But i don't do drugs so the yea is out
Instead i use my mind power to move my spirits about

I might write my girl a poem showin' her how i love thee
Or just write myself a rhyme about why i'm so funky
This is how i escape the ignorance and hate
Being cooked up in this planet about to disintegrate

I'm cruisin', cruisin' in the beat y'all

I cover my head as the media shower
I glance at my watch to check the hour
And it's half past a moonbeam, gleamin' as i daydream
I'm feelin' for the beat to make my mood complete

And when i got it i'm gone, gone in the rhythm
Kickin' the slang with the knowledge and wisdom
I may speak a scribbly doodle but i keep on track
'cause if i didn't, yo, you wouldn't be sweatin' it

I'm cruisin', cruisin' in the beat y'all

One to the two to the three to the four to the five
It's rardy-ardy-ar and i'm kickin' it live
On an ever present journey through the depths of time
I skip from beat to beat in the form of a rhyme

My vocal techniques are unique to my band
I'm a butterfly mc, smooth with much style g
My tongue like quivers when i deliver the funk flow
The verbs expand with a ghettolistic glow, it's like that y'all

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