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In Due Time

pochette album Crushed and conquered
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Date de parution : 11/04/2006

Durée : 0:02:41

Style : Rock

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Where is the hope
Where is the faith i thought i had?
It's so sad to say
But i lose alittle more everyday
In one ear and out the other
I don't want to hear
What they have to say
I want to believe
That you stand strong
I want to believe in that song
The weight of knowing
That's a false hope
Its almost too much to take
Every minute of knowing
The truth adds another brick
To the wall i'm holding up for you
This could be the last brick
The one that breaks my back
I would still do anything for you
But i hope you know
What i have to do
It's not about me and you
It's about him
He'll see us through

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