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I've never seen a girl so beautiful
She make my heart race fast like the music go
And baby i can give you more than the usual
You're so perfect, i just need you to hold in my arms every night
And if you love this award than i'm gladly flight
You be outta this world, you be outta sight
You still my number one and different, girl, probably right
Because, uh, you got the whole package, lights so high, so high above average what we need
Let me show you this lavish
Like sound and the cars you've damaged
Like broken hearts and sheded tears
I'mma make you smile through all the years
That we're together, caught up in the middle
Baby girl, just cry a little
We're not a lie it's all your back
You always run through my mind like you would be a u a-track
You've got everything i want, yeah there's nothing you back
You don't compare to other girls for the chick is the whack
You've got that style, you got that swagger that drive me wild
And when i got a show, wanna see you in the crowd
You got me on a love high floatin' in the clouds
And i've never felt so good about a chick
You make it easy, easy to come here
You always lookin' fly, girl i gotta admit, but i don't want to lead you on to the point i gotta quit so
I'ma get that paper we can get a part or flight, dance?
See you later
Love to the haters caught in the middle
I know you're gonna cry, girl, but cry a little