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Sandifer Phillip

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Words and music by phillip sandifer
Down in sao paulo kids live in the streets
It rains death in africa there's nothing to eat
Blacks hate the whites, whites hate their own
And we deal with our guilt by living life stoned
We are crying for a saviour
While we scratch at the surface
The roots go untouched
We are crying for a saviour
One who's given us the answer
And whose motive was love
Philanthropies profit from taxes deferred
While needing recipients can't buy a shirt
Well the system it's not working and it's beyond repair
An overhaul's due but there are too few who care
The answer's been given through a death on a cross
As christ died returning to us that which we'd lost
Relations with god once again are begun
As we come to know him through are saviour his son
Repeat chorus

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