Paroles de Crying over you

Duke Browner

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Date de parution : 15/09/2014

Durée : 0:02:17

Style : Soul

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Baby don't you leave me,
Baby don't you leave me,
It would break my heart i know,
Oh it would tear me apart, when you are gone.

Baby i feel lonely, yes i feel so lonely.
It's hurting me, i can't sleep, 'cause i love you only.

And i'll be crying over you,
Crying over you ...
I'll be crying... uh baby
Over you, over you...

When you are gone... (x2)
Ohh i'll be crying, oh baby
Crying, oh baby.. (x2)

Over you...
If you ever leave me...
Over you...

When the sun comes down, girl
You know i wonder, (if you're asking) (??), please darling...
I'll be needing you until the end.

'cos i'll be crying... oh baby
Crying.... oh baby
I'll be crying... oh baby
Over you..

I wanna tell you ... over you... mmm

Crying... i'll be crying, i'll be crying... (fade off)