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Chours: i say i put this out on everythang, we goin out in the woods, no this aint nothin like that mary jane, let yourself go and just do ittttt, this is chrystal meth music, the dopest shit in the woods, this is chrystal meth music, yea, just take a wiff if ya could, this is chrystal meth music

I aint even gonna lie, know this shit right here so fire, one hit a dis is all u need thats all you gotta try, now u hooked just like some drugs, who done fell in love, its chrystal meth music got em fucced up, this shits addictive man loss of words and cant explain it, i know the feelin it gets me high just to hear uhhhhhh! that dirty shit comein straight up outta the dirty bitch, anybody you know who know you know you know you cant fucc with this, just like a needle in a tweaker bitch you stucc with it, or a smoker on the pipe southern smokin it, this shits the pure dope, rehab aint go help no, you gonna bk stucc for life, sorry there is no hope

He lookin out, im cookin out in the woods, mixin chemicals we pushin out, you took the pipe and they said can you feel the fumes, the speaker box is your aluminum, crank it up and eat two of em, light the sheets put the fuse in you did the hard thing in the streets, so when you hear them bangin them beats, make that thang changein the way, get you high right fucced up make you stay awake for two days dammm, to replace the vaps with this here, man in the place to make is the woods, make a you dam face to face to see clear, ay, smoke make you gang life with no dope, this that music used for you soul the only thing better than this is coco ayy, to do this shit, aint navagatin usin it, so try to swtich abusin it, take a breath and view the shit


Can you hear the bumbin, got somethin for ever junkie, on monkeys smoke country jumpers, they dumpin smokin your honneys, you stupid when i say funny, keep loopin you keep it dumpin, pullin deepin and dumbin, we bleed when we need money, the speakers geegers keep commin, they need to keep it they want it, and keep the refer its stronger one hit will get a hold on em from itty bitty chiconas, to any nigga that want it i bkeen addicted, get on it just take a wiff and your gonna put cha penneys up on me, yo bitch admit it you want it, start tweakin until you hit it gonna get committed, you wanna us, we leave em itchin and twitchin, and fenadin more with us, its that cooked uncut roll your bowl wit us

My rhymes are like a dirty syringe fulled wit that frank lucas, in the woods where they tweakin for it and follwing me to it, them white boys and white girls learn to roll the bowl, its a small addiction, no need for an intervention, a instrumental chemnist, sharein my thoughts and visions, i have a will for it, go get cho chips and spend it .this is better than the fix and your high last a long longer, they say the words i speak leave em geeked for days to come., and you cant get no sleep, my potency is deep, got em agin by the weeks, doin anything, and every little thing, just so they can maitain, i put this shit on everything