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I could stay layin' here with you forever
Drinking tea and cuddling
In our oversized sweaters
We're sittin' up cuddlin'
I love you like no other and
You have on your comfy sweats
Lay down next to me with no regret
Warm and cozy under the sheets
We got like 3 pairs of socks on our feet
Netflix for hours we lose our time
Wonder how i got lucky with a guy so fine
I grab you, i get the chills
You whisper you like the way it feels
The way it feels (6x)
The way it..the way it feels

Chick verse
My phone ringin' but i'm just chillin' with ma lover
Our friends might be spies but we stayin' undercover
If you go outside, you ain't seein' either of us
Cuz the weather that's inside, it's just way better for us
We just steadily switchin' channels, browsing for what else is on
It's sad that even with cable, you know there won't be none
But it's coo cuz i'm with ma boo,
Got our phones and can load up youtube
Watch videos cuz it's what we do
It's not always with my girl, might just cuddle up with my bros too
No hetero
I got homework, but i'm like yolo
Trynna stay lowkey, left side of pianos
Sweat pants on, lookin' like a hobo
But it's cool cuz we keep it on the low low
Cloudy, rainy, with sunsets
Is perfect weather whenever the fun sets
You know it, we just trapped in here like the snow hit
But it's cool, i'll just chill with my lil bad chick
Married her n took her name, now i'm mrdatchick
Oh wait where was i? i can't remember.
But hey look at this, no shave november.
We be stayin' so fluffy covered in comforters
You can look everywhere, but you ain't gon' find us

Hiding under covers
Stayin' in like secret lovers
Sayin' fuck it' to responsibilities
It's just me and my guy
Damn he's so fine
We got all the time we need
You pull me in a little closer saying baby come on over
Bring your body next to me
I look in your eyes
I can tell that you're for real
Put your lips on mine
Cause you know i like the way it feels


Your lips on mine
The tv on
Lost track of time
Been in so long
Staying ignorant to life outside
You and me through the years
As far back as i remember
Made it through all types of shit
Making this storm our perfect cuddle weather