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There Is No Sin In My Body

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You've been in europe for a week
It's a story i half believed
You've been investing in a chinese
Company selling herbal tea
At half the price of the corner store
And doctor meis endorsed your plight
To change what has become of you

And you say i'm one of many
Chasing you around these streets,
Haunting you in coffee shops,
Imagining you're an artist with a
Spare room full of canvases
And all the secrets that true love
Has kept revealed inside your bed

I'm rarely gullible or gulliver
Little things get in the way
I've already mapped the exit signs
And i'll be laughing in my car

You've been waiting for a sign
Lining plans up in the wings
I've been known to wade too far
From fables waiting at the bar,
Jarred above the sound of drunks
Pushing things a bit too hard
I wander off to pack my things

Until you disappear one night
Towing friends like movie props
Water runs into the sink
As if to tell a story line
A single look's enough for me
But knowing there's a hundred more
I wander off to pack my things

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