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Midnight Star

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Date de parution : 25/08/2014

Durée : 0:03:43

Style : Funk

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Harlan howard
Joe chambers
Larry jenkins
I must be dreaming, this can't be real
No one deserves all i've got
A sweet woman, children who think that i'm perfect
But forgive and forget when i'm not
I've got a few buddies i've known all my life
Who'd give me the shirt off their back
I don't know why i've got it so good
But one thing i know for a fact
If heaven can be what i want it to be

I won't even know that i've died
I'll just wake up right there in my favorite old chair
With my loved ones right there by my side
If i lived forever i could never repay
All the love that's been givin' to me
Every dream's come true that i've ever had
Here in the land of the free
So lord i'm not asking i'm just saying thanks
You've blesed me since the day of my birth
If i never reach those pearly gates
At least i've known heaven on earth
1985 tree publishing co., inc.
Cross keys publishing co., inc

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