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Natasha Thomas

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Date de parution : 01/03/2013

Durée : 0:03:23

Style : R&B/Soul

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I'm checkin' it but i ain't flippin'
Takes a lot to get me trippin'
Can't deny my heavy breathin'
'cause you got me feelin' amorous
Gettin' a little adventurous

Just wanna get with you is what i'm sayin'
I'm a big girl, i ain't playin'
Want a little piece of heaven
You're a little mysterious
It's makin' me curious

So if you wanna make it
Baby, come and get it
This could be a glorious night
If we let it

If you wanna get with me
Baby, come and tell me
Got a feelin' you'd know
How to please me

Baby boy, i see you starin'
Kinda dig the style you're wearin'
Sexy thug, you got me swearin'
I'm a little bit glamorous
He's a little bit dangerous

Tell me where we're gettin' at
'cause i know where your head's at
Been thinkin' 'bout some of that
'cause you're makin' it obvious

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