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Date de parution : 10/02/2003

Durée : 0:03:3

Style : Rock

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(the song is based upon the babylonian/assyrian death cult;
The incarnation of the evil spirits pazuzu and lamashtu,
And their eternal yearning to have power over the living...
M-e p-zu-zu dumu ha-an-plugal l lil-l hul -a-mes...)

(lyrics by f. krynojewski)
(music by f. krynojewski)

Winds introduce the slow nightfall
Dark vibrations, the nuclear dawn
Evoking up the dead as the ritual begins
Haunting fog escapes the ground

Horus returns from forgotten times
Apocalypse unleashed, dethrone mankind

Evening falls onto deep water
Toth-amon rides the wings of sabbath
The goddess of wars descends near
Apocalyptic dreams she whispers


Deadly clouds eclipse the sun
Necronom's alive, buried in the dark
Infernal storms upon the horizon
Lights are drowned, lamashtu's near


The tempter walks on earth again
A hellish crown made of bones
In carnage arises the burial season
With temples made of human flesh


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