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Crystal Eyes

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Date de parution : 11/12/2000

Durée : 0:04:43

Style : Heavy Metal

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Music: mikael dahl - lyrics: andreas gtesson

Ever since i took that black sword of might
From the hands of a fallen tainted chaos knight,
A dark presence has grown inside of me
And merged with my soul. i'm no longer me

Pre chorus
Dreams of bloodshed haunt my nights,
I fear what's in me
Dreams of violence in endless fights,
My future i see

The darkness inside is now fully unleashed
My humanity is gone. i've changed into a beast
I now have to leave the kingdoms of man,
And travel north to the wastes if i can

Pre chorus
Dreams of bloodshed fill my nights,
So sweet dreams indeed
Dreams of violence in endless fights
Will soon change to deeds

Beyond all hope, i'm cursed and damned
From all mankind i'm forever banned
Well, so be it, i accept my fate
I embrace the dark and submit to my hate

At last i have reached the ever-changing land
Where men turn into gods or dust in the sand

Pre chorus
So i tread upon this road
Of damnation and sin
That leads to death or might untold
Let slaughter begin!

Solo dahl

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