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Lex Zaleta

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Wherever you go,
He'll bring sorrow.

Cursd creature,
Death in both eyes;
One look from him
And beauty dies.

Cursd creature,
Hands on his ears.
We scream in vain;
He cannot hear.

Cursd creature,
Cold steel in hand,
Laying waste to
The promised land.

Cursd creature
Has poison tongue.
One word from him
The good die young.

Curse him today;
Curse him tomorrow.
Wherever you go,
He'll surely follow.

Cursd creature
Who can he be?
Present through all
Our history.

The fight is real;
It's to the death.
You can't appeal;
Don't waste your breath.

Eye for an eye,
Tooth for a tooth.
Forget your lies;
It's time for truth.

Cursd creature
Who can he be?
Could he be you?
Could he be me?

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